North Florida School Superintendents Have Important Message for Parents – “Be There”


The school superintendent from Clay County (Ben Wortham), from Duval County (Ed Pratt-Daniels), and from St. Johns County (Joseph Joyner) recently met to give a message to parents in North Florida. The message simply stated was “Be There:”. This message is not intended for parents to be at school 24 / 7 but to “Be There” for their children. The Superintendents believe that it important for parents to spend quality time with their children. Some research shows that children who have parents involved and interested in their school work and lives often times perform better at school as well as generally in life. How can a parent “Be There” for a son or daughter? Here are a few suggestions from me:

Sit down with your child at homework time and offer help or suggestions;

Read to your child;

Read with your child;

Go to soccer games;

Go to soccer practice (not just the games); and

Volunteer in your child’s classroom.

“Be There” is a simple idea and concept that can do so much good for a child. You can read more about this program at Superintendents Have Strong Message for Parents.