New Port Richey, Florida – Child (Dallas Walters) Suffers Fatal Dog Attack


Twenty month old Dallas Walters was visiting his great aunt’s home with relatives when he was fatally attacked by the family’s Rottweiler. Reportedly, the child dropped a cookie on the floor, and when he went to pick it up the dog attacked him. The child was taken to the hospital after the attack but was pronounced dead sometime after arriving. The dog was supposed to be tied up in the backyard, but got loose and wandered into the house.

The Rottweiler was a one-year old unneutered male, and officials say there is no proof that the dog was registered or had received its rabies shot. It was euthanized the day after the attack. The dog’s owners said that they had owned the animal for about two months, and that it had not previously demonstrated aggressive behavior. Dallas’s father, Andrew Walters, says that he will be pressing charges against the dog’s owners.

Large or aggressive dog breeds should never be allowed unsupervised, especially around strange children, who may scare or spook the dog and cause it to act aggressively. You can read more about this child attacked by a dog and mauled to death at Dog that killed toddler is euthanized.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a dog attack, it is helpful to have the advice, counsel, and representation from a Florida child injury lawyer. It is important for parents and guardians to be advised of the child’s rights and legal options when there are serious injuries or death resulting from a dog bite incident.