New Laws / Bills Propose to Reduce Protect Kids from Back Over Incidents and Power Window Injuries

New federal laws now require the Department of Transportation to issue regulations related to power window safety, rear visibility, and vehicle rollaway prevention.

The Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007 is named after a child who was run over by a vehicle exiting a drive way.


New vehicles by 2010 would be required to have:

• Brake Interlock Systems. This system would require the brake to be pressed before the vehicle can be taken out of park.

• Power Window Automatic Reverse. This system would prevent or attempt to prevent a child from getting his or her head or other body party caught in a closing window.

• Back-Over Warnings. This system would prevent or attempt to prevent something or someone from being hit by a backing vehicle because of a blind zone.

You can read more about this law and Florida incidents where a child was tragically killed due to the lack of the above safety measures and due to inattention at New Law to Help Protect Kids from Back-Over Incidents.

There are many incidents involving Florida children being killed or seriously injured from back over incidents, roll away vehicles, and power windows. While a vehicle can be better equipped, it is important for the driver to use caution on the roads and driveways especially when there are children around.

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