New Ford Vehicles Will Allow Parents to Control Teen Driving


Ford is promoting an option on 2010 models that will allow parents to control vehicles using a computer chip in the key. Parents will be allowed to better control speed (down to 80 miles per hour), seat belt usage, and music volume when teens or other drivers are using the vehicle. Hopefully, technology like this will help prevent or reduce automobile accidents and trucking accidents in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities throughout the United States. Taking from experience as a parent and a Florida personal injury lawyer / attorney, I would expect that many parents will take advantage of this technology. Teens will not like the control and will ask the parents to “trust me” and “don’t worry”. GPS technology is already in place at this time. I predict that future models will be available to the general public that will allow parents to monitor teen driving like employees do. There will be a tradeoff between the teen’s privacy concerns and the parents need to know and their concern for the safety of the teen. Like most parents, when my child starts driving, I want to know if the child is driving 100 miles per hour or going to places where the child does not belong is or is not permitted to go to. Unfortunately, it is a scary world out there and parents should be concerned for the safety of their teen children who get behind of the wheel of a vehicle. You can read more about the technology and options being placed into Ford vehicles and probably other automobile manufacturers in the future at Parents may soon hold the key to slowing teen drivers

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