Neptune Beach Jacksonville Florida Police Investigate Alleged Gang Rape of 15 Year Old


The Neptune Beach Jacksonville Florida Police Department is investigating an incident of alleged gang rape of a 15 year old at a house party in Neptune Beach, Florida. Underage teens were having a party at a home in Neptune Beach. There were approximately 20 teens at the party. The 15 year old was a house guest of the family owning or renting the home rather than a party goer according to her father. At this time, the investigating officer from the Neptune Beach Police Department is having problems getting statements since most of the party goers have been in contact with lawyers who have advised their clients not to give a statement to the police. Many of the students attending the party were from a private school called the Bolles School. It does not appear that the party was an event sponsored or sanctioned by the school. As written in other posts, parents should be mindful of graduation parties and the problems created by underage drinking. You can read more about the alleged gang rape in an article written by Jim Schoettler, a writer with The Times-Union Jacksonville Florida Newspaper at Parents Stall Gang Rape Investigation.

The house party / rape incident will involve Jacksonville Florida criminal attorneys during the criminal investigation and prosecution if the Duval County state attorney decides there is enough evidence to prosecute the case. The incident may also involve Jacksonville Florida civil and personal injury attorneys if the rape victim and her family retain an attorney to pursue civil damages against the alleged rapists, their families, the owners of the home, the suppliers of the alcohol, and possibly others. It appears the entire incident may have been avoided with better supervision and the elimination of any underage and excessive drinking of alcohol.

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