Negligent Supervision in Florida by Teachers and Other Adults at Schools and Summer Camps: Do I have a legal case?


Florida public and private schools, day care centers, and summer camps are responsible for teaching and supervising our children. Parents and caregivers rely on public schools and private businesses to watch over our children. While schools are not responsible for every injury or problem that arises, Florida schools and their employees, agents, and even volunteers are responsible for injuries to children that are caused by negligence.

Negligent supervision in the setting of a Florida school, day care, or summer camp requires the following elements:

1. The existence of a teacher-student OR counselor – camper relationship giving rise to a legal duty to supervise the child;

2. Negligent breach of that duty (failure to act reasonably under the circumstances); and

3. Causation of the child’s injury by the teacher’s / counselor’s negligence.

Each case should be evaluated based on its own facts and an analysis of the applicable Florida statues and Florida cases on point. As a child advocate and a Florida child injury lawyer, I know that the safety, welfare, and health of the child are all important. Parents of an injured child can greatly benefit by educating themselves of their rights and responsibilities under Florida law. A Jacksonville child injury lawyer can review the case which may include but would not be limited to evaluating the site of the injury, researching the law, reviewing medical records and bills, and working with safety experts and others to determine the cause of the injury.

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