National Transportation Board Ranks Florida’s Child Seat Safety Laws Among the Worst in the United States


According to the National Transportation Safety Board, a governmental agency, Florida has among the worst child safety laws in the county. The NTSB has recommended, since 1996, that there should be safety seat / restraint laws in effect for children up to 8-years-old. However, Florida only requires safety seats for children 3-years-old and younger.

Although child restraint laws may be weak, seat belt usage seems to be on the rise in Florida, especially after the state’s “Click it or Ticket” campaign. Florida’s Department of Transportation and DHSMV report that 87.4% of those people on the roads are using safety belts. Florida’s former safety belt law only allowed offers to ticket drivers not wear seat belts if they were pulled over for other traffic infractions. Now, Florida has a primary seat belt law, which has led to more safety belt usage, fewer crashes and fewer deaths as a result from a collision. If you would like to read more on this story please see Florida has among the nation’s worst child safety restraint laws.

Drivers today face many obstacles that were once not present, especially with the advent of the cell phone. Because distracted driving is becoming an increasing problem in the nation, drivers need to ensure they use their vehicles’ safety devices. Also, parents and guardians have a duty to protect their children. Therefore, parents and guardians should not neglect the importance of child safety restraint devices. Using these devices can save your child’s life or at least lessen the impact of a crash to a child passenger.

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