National Association for the Education of Young Children – Accreditation Search in Florida Including Jacksonville, Florida


The National Association for the Education of Young Children (otherwise known as NAEYC) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. Pre-school programs can be accredited under a voluntary program with NAEYC. Currently, there are 14 pre-school programs accredited under NAEYC which means that the facility met criteria set forth by NAEYC for education, programming, and facilities. It takes a good deal of hard work, planning, and consistent excellence to get a program accredited under NAEYC. One such program in Jacksonville, Florida stands as a model for pre-school programs accredited under NAEYC – Michele Block Gan Yeladim (at the JCA – Jewish Community Alliance) located at 8505 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32217 – (904) 730-2100. Under the direction of Theresa Levy, the Michele Block Gan Yeladim Pre-School program provides pre-school and Kindergarten education as well as after school care for these children and older children in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment. You can learn more about this wonderful early education program at You can also search for other NAEYC accredited programs in Jacksonville, Florida as well as other cities by visiting the NAEYC Web Site. It is important for parents to research and visit a pre-school facility before enrollment.