Naples Florida Teen Arrested for Shoplifting After Swallowing Evidence


A Naples, Florida teen (William A. Colburn) was recently arrested at a JC Penny Department Store for shoplifting. William put earrings valued at $16 into a VitaminWater bottle. He thought he would casually walk out the store with the jewelry. He was wrong. William was escorted back into the store where he thought he could outwit police and the security guard by drinking and swallowing the evidence. William probably did not pay much attention to the Discovery Channel or science class about X-Rays. William was taken to a local hospital where X-Rays were taken. Of course, the X-Rays lit up the foreign objects (earrings). It does not appear that the earrings will be returned or put back up on a sales rack once they pass through William A. Colburn.

This story did not have much of a tragic ending but it could have. Children swallow foreign objects every day. Some are smooth and small and pass through without a problem. Others are larger, jagged and sharp. These objects can cause medical problems in the form of choking and / or damage to the intestinal tract of a children. Serious child personal injuries and, in some cases, wrongful death, can result from swallowed foreign objects.

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