Naples Florida Middle School Students Punished for Assaulting Jewish Student


It is 2009 and, unfortunately, in Naples, Florida and other parts of the world – anti-semitism continues to exist. One would think that the history of the past – most notably – the Holocaust – would be reminders on how horrible hate and discrimination can be for groups of selected minorities including but not limited to Jews. School Officials at North Naples Middle School suspended 10 students after it was determined that these students participated what was called “kick a Jew day”. This story was reported at the Florida Times Union Newspaper Website.

Some parents may say that these are just school yard pranks. I believe that the assaults go much deeper than that. A child was singled out for his religious and / or cultural views. This should not happen to any student in the Florida School system. This story, while quite disturbing, can be a good teaching tool for parents and teachers to talk about bullying, anti-semitism, discrimination, and violence.