Naples, Florida – Man (Mesac Damas) Kills Wife and Five Children


Mesac Dumas of Naples Florida admitted to killing his wife and five children, aged 11 months to nine years old, after his wife threatened to divorce him and take the children. Damas bound his wife, Guerline Damas, and the children with rope, then slit their throats despite Mrs. Damas’ pleas for mercy. Damas admitted to having second thoughts about killing them, but was afraid to let his wife go because he thought she would call the police. Damas sited “bad spirits” as the reason for his actions. He tried to flee to Haiti, but was deported by authorities back to Florida where he was charged with murder.

This case is yet another in a seemingly growing trend of “familicide,” a special kind of murder/suicide that has risen in public awareness over the past several years. Financial difficulties can lead to familicide, but the most common reason cited is romantic trouble between the partners. It is tragic that the children are caught in the crossfire as adults attempt to erase their troubles with violence.

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