My Jewish Community Alliance Story – “Hey, Dad – Want Me to Read You a Story?”


The Jacksonville Jewish Community Alliance is a wonderful place that serves many individuals and families in the Jacksonville, Florida area. The Michele Block – Gan Yeladim (Hebrew for “Garden of Children”) has one of best programs in North Florida. From the age of 2 through Kindergarten, students are provided with a safe and nurturing educational environment. How do I know this? I know this because both of our children attended school at Gan Yeladim and truly benefited from everything the school and its wonderful staff had to offer. I remember when our son was enrolled in the school. Most nights, we would read a story or two to our son. I remember one night when he said, “Hey Dad, want me to read you a story?” I was left pleasantly surprised to find out that he could read. Before this wonderful discovery of mine, I guess he kept his reading abilities quiet for awhile but once he started to read to us – he never stopped. The JCA and its wonderful school brought this surprise to us . . . Teaching a child to read at such a young age is a gift that will be carried through for a lifetime. Now any time my son says, “Hey Dad, you want me to read you a story?” I gladly accept the offer. I am no longer surprised that he can read or how well he can read; however, I am still in awe with the JCA Gan Yeladim Pre-School / Kindergarten and everything it did for my son. For more information about the JCA – go to the Official Website for the Jacksonville Jewish Community Alliance.

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