My Jewish Community Alliance Story – The Building Blocks of a Great Education


The Jacksonville Jewish Community Alliance otherwise known as the JCA is a non-proft organization that provides pre-school and kindergarten education, after school care, sport leagues, summer camp activities, and many other programs for children. One of the core goals of the JCA is to provide a safe and clean learning environment for the children. The JCA Gan Yeladim Pre-School / Kindergarten provides the students with a solid academic and social education. My son graduated from the Kindergarten program at the JCA and then went on to public elementary school. While enrolled in this Gold Seal pre-school / kindergarten program, my son learned to read, learned to write, acquired leadership skills, and showed his creativity through art and other activities. The JCA helped my son foster friendships and taught my son how to get along with others. Since graducating from the JCA, my son has done well academically in all of his studies. He also has developed into a good person with admirable qualities. Recently, my son was playing soccer with a group of kids at a local soccer park. He noticed that some of the bigger kids were teasing and picking on one of the younger and much smaller boys. My son stepped up and defended the little boy by including him in the game. Once in the game, my son made sure the little boy was treated fairly and that the little boy was safe in the game. Yes, it is important to excel in academics, but it is also important to excel in the area of humanity. I strongly believe that the JCA played a vital role in the proper upbrining of my son. The JCA has touched the lives of many people beyond their members and graduates of the pre-school / kindergarten. For more information, see Jacksonville Jewish Community Alliance. The motto of the JCA certainly rings true – Where You Belong.

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