My Florida Child Was Injured / Hurt at A Neighbor’s House – What Should I Do? What Are My Child’s Legal Rights? (Homeowner’s Insurance)


Thousands of children are injured every year in Florida homes. Many children are injured while visiting a friend or neighbor. Who is liable when a child is injured at the Florida home of a neighbor or friend? Homeowners have a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for children invited to the property or who are known to visit the property. If a homeowner has a child over, the homeowner has a duty to remove hazards and dangerous conditions. In addition, depending on the age and maturity of the child, the homeowner has a duty to supervise the child. There is no Florida law granting immunity to a homeowner, friend, or even a relative who has a child inside or outside of the home.

Mortgage companies typically require that a homeowner have homeowner’s insurance in place. Most homeowner’s have a mortgage. As such, most homeowner’s have insurance in place that will typically cover accident or negligent related injuries. Even though there is coverage in place, a homeowner’s insurance claims adjuster will still investigate the claim to determine if a challenge is in order as to the liability or damage issues of the claim. Insurance adjusters are trained professionals and because of this – it is important to have an experienced Florida child injury lawyer in place to protect and enforce the rights of the injured child.

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