Motorcyclist (Rick W. Roupp) Sustains Critical Injuries in Accident with 20 Year Old Driver (Tabbatha Roux) in St. Augustine, Florida


In St. Augustine, Florida, a 46 year old motorcyclist – Rick W. Roupp – sustained critical injuries when a vehicle driven by 20 year old Tabbatha Roux attempted a left hand turn into the right of way of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. As a Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer / Attorney, I have handled and investigated many motorcycle accidents of this nature. From a legal standpoint, the liability must be evaluated and insurance policies must be reviewed. The rights of the injured party from a personal injury standpoint should be pursued and enforced if necessary. The at fault driver may be facing a traffic citation or possibly criminal charges depending on the nature of the accident and the investigation of the Florida Highway Patrol, St. Johns County Sherriff’s Office, and / or the City of St. Augustine Police Department. The article was posted at the Florida Times Union – St. Augustine Motorcyclist Critical After Accident. There were several people who posted their thoughts and opinions of this accident. Some were motorcycle riders and some were not. People definitely have strong opinions as to the safety of riding a motorcycle and whether a helmet should be worn or not. There are financial responsibility laws in Florida that require a person to wear a helmet OR have a $10,000 in medical / health insurance in place if there is an accident. See Section 316.211, Florida Statutes. As such, the motorcycle rider who was recently critically injured was not legally required to wear a helmet if he had the correct insurance in place. Whatever the facts or opinions in this case, it is a tragic accident. See also St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Kills Rick W. Roupp.

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