Mother Whose Child Drowned in Bathtub Faced Criminal Charges in Volusia County Florida


A Volusia County mother (Crystal Giachetti) is being charged with aggravated manslaughter for the drowning death of her son, Trenton Giachetti, who died on April 6. The medical examiner had previously determined that the death of the baby was an accident. Witnesses heard Crystal Giachetti comment prior to the death of her child that she “felt like putting the baby in the tub, turning on the water and leaving”. Apparently, Crystal Giachetti had left in baby in the tub on prior occasions. Finally on April 6 – the baby, while left unattended in the tub, drowned and died. Crystal Giachetti will be entitled to a public defender or, in the alternative, can hire a private criminal defense attorney. I suspect that the defense will be that the chid died as a result of an accidental drowning and that there was nothing intentional on the part of the mother as to the child’s drowning death. Whether the child died from simple negligence or criminal neglect or intentional acts, a child’s life is lost as a result of a mother who failed this child. You can read more about this story at Mother Charged for Bath Tub Drowning Death of Child in Volusia County, Florida.