Mother of Two-Year Old Jacksonville, Florida Child Shot at Party Admits She Lied to Police

PoliceCar.jpgI recently wrote a blog article about a Jacksonville, Florida two year old girl who was wounded during a drive-by shooting while playing outside at a children’s birthday party. Police have revealed that the child’s mother has admitted that there was no drive-by shooting. She has now been charged with giving a false police report.

It turns out that it was another child at the party who accidentally shot Jontasia Marielle Miller, according to Tom Hackney of the Jacksonville Sherriff’s office. Jontasia’s mother, Whitney Shamone Toliver, told police she made up a story that a drive-by shooting took place, which she earlier claimed involved a white sedan. Police have called off the search for the car.

The other children present at the party were all under six years old. The shooter has not been identified, and no further details have been released by police, except the fact that the gun accidentally fired by the other child at the party has not been recovered. Jontasia suffered wounds to her hand and buttocks from the shooting and was treated at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

Once the gun is recovered, the gun’s owner may be help responsible for not keeping it out of reach of children. Read more about this accidental shooting of a child by another child and the attempted cover up at LAW & DISORDER: Mom admits drive-by shooting story was false.

If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, it makes sense to contact a Florida child injury lawyer to determine the rights of the injured child.

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