Mother (Elizabeth Johnson) Extradited from Florida, Charged with Kidnapping, Child Abuse and Custodial Interference


Tempe, Arizona resident Elizabeth Johnson was extradited from Florida over the holidays after she failed to appear for a child custody hearing in Phoenix, Arizona. Her child, Gabriel Johnson was not with her at the time, and the child’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Elizabeth reportedly had tried to give the baby up for adoption in the past, turning her son over to a Scottsdale, Arizona couple she met in an airport several months previously. She later took the child back, and recently sent text messages to the child’s father, Logan McQueary, saying that she had killed the child. She now claims that she handed him over to a couple she met in a park in San Anonio, Texas. According to Ms. Johnson’s Grandfather, Bob Johnson, she was desperate to get the child adopted and may have tried to find a willing couple on Craigslist or some other online service. Police still do not know if the child is dead or alive, or if the child is in Texas, Florida or Arizona. Ms. Johnson has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse, and custodial interference. She is refusing to cooperate with authorities.

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