Mother Dies from Accident at Festival Bay Mall – Orlando Florida


In Orlando, Florida, a horrible accident took place in the Festival Bay parking lot. It was reported by the Orlando Sentinel that a mother (Amara Khan) was fatally injured by her own vehicle when her 4 year old son put the car in reverse. At the time of the tragic incident, Ms. Khan was walking behind her vehicle while it was operating. Many drivers and parents leave their vehicles on while taking care of other children or putting the groceries in the car. While it does not seem that dangerous, a vehicle can be put into gear by even a small child like a four year old. For more information regarding this incident, see Mother Backed Over by Her Own Vehicle in Mall Parking Lot.

Safety is key when operating a motor vehicle in the State of Florida. It is well known that children have poor safety awareness even when riding in an automobile. A moment of inattention can lead to serious personal injuries and, in some cases, even death.