Mother and Toddler Suffer Serious Personal Injuries When Struck by a Vehicle in Melbourne, Florida


Crossing or walking near streets with small children can be dangerous. Some parents hold the child’s hand. Some carry the child. Some push the child in a stroller. In Melbourne, Florida, a mother was carrying her 23 month old child in her arms when she was struck by a car. The mother was not able to hold onto to the child who suffered serious head injuries have being thrown 12 to 15 feet until the toddler landed on his head. The mother was transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment. The toddler was transported to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital for treatment. An investigation will be completed as to the cause of the action as well as the condition of the driver as to possible impairment as well. You can read about this article at Mother, Toddler Pedestrians Seriously Injured in Melbourne, Florida Automobile / Pedestrian Accident.