Mother (Tiffany Cecconi) and Child (Kaylani) Died in Arlington (Jacksonville) Florida


An 18 year old mother (Tiffany Cecconi) and her daughter (Kaylani) died in an Arlington community swimming pool. News reports from the Florida Times Union and News 4 Jax did not contain some details as to this incident. In particular, it would be important to know the following:

*how long was Tiffany Cecconi in the pool?
*what was Tiffany’s level of skill as to swimming?
*what safeguards were in place at the pool to prevent drownings?
*were there lifeguards posted at the pool?
*what flotation devices (if any) were in use by Tiffany Cecconi or her daughter?
*was Tiffany Cecconi taking any medication prior to using the swimming pool?
*was the swimming pool properly maintained?

Due to the ages of these drowning victims and the many questions as to the causes and reasons for deaths, it is expected the the medical examiner for Duval County (Jacksonville) will conduct autopsies as part of this investigation. It is certain a tragic loss for the family of Tiffany Cecconi and her daughter, Kaylani, and the community. You can read more about this story at Mother and Daughter Drown in Community Pool in Jacksonville, Florida.