More Timely Treatment for Abused 4 Year Old in Trenton, Florida Would Have Saved Her Life


In Florida, mothers and fathers are legally and morally responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of their child. It is quite sad when a young child loses his or her life when the child is abused or neglected by a parent. In Trenton, Florida. Kristina Hepp, a 4 year old girl, died as a result of both child abuse and child neglect. An autopsy and investigation by Dr. Martha Burt, Medical Examiner, concluded that Kristina’s life could have been saved with more timely medical treatment.

Matthew Roland, age 23, was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. Roland told investigations that he got into an argument with the child and spanked her. He also admitted to hitting the child with a belt.

Of course, Mr. Roland will be entitled to a legal defense on this case. Newspapers and web sites only include portions of the facts and information. It is difficult to detail all of the facts of a particular legal case in a newspaper article. The criminal case will not only depend on the harm done to the child but the apparent knowledge and actions of Mr. Roland. Did he inflict the injuries to the child that led to her death? Was Mr. Roland aware or should he have been aware of how seriously injured the child was? What were the particular injuries externally and internally by the child?

No matter the outcome of the criminal case – a young innocent 4 year old child died.

You can read more details about this tragic death and resulting investigation at More Timely Medical Treatment Could Have Saved Child’s Life.