Swimming Lessons Can Help Prevent Drowning Incidents in Florida


In Florida, our warm weather allows swimming and boating activities to run virtually year round. We have some cold days here and there but we are called the “Sunshine State” because of our warm and sometimes very hot weather. Children are at risk in states like Florida for drowning because of the number of pools and waterways located through the State. Reported government studies indicate that swimming lessons can help reduce the number / incidents of drownings in Florida and other States. However, experts do warn that many children, who suffer injuries and death from drownings, had swimming lessons. As such, while swimming lessons are recommended, swimming lessons do not prevent all drownings and should not be relied upon by parents to completely protect their children or children under their care. Close, consistent, and continuous supervision of children while in or near a pool is recommended. In addition, private, commercial, and pubic property owners in Florida should take all reasonable measures to enclose and fence waterways as precautions to prevent child drownings. The study was published in the March issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. You can read more about this story at Swimming Lessons Do Not Increase Risk of Drowning.

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