Moms Go Wild at Chuck E Cheese Restaurant

For those of you who have ventured into Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants, you know that it is a place of somewhat controlled chaos. Children play games and play in an indoor climbing apparatus with tubes, ladders, and slides. The kids play for tickets to buy useless stuff that fills the junk drawers of our homes.

In Nantucket, Massachusetts, one Chuck E. Cheese party went out of control when two moms fought over an arcade game. One mom accused the other of “hogging” the game. Both moms were charged with simple assault and battery.

If you are at a Chuck E. Cheese and find that another parent is being obnoxious, please step away from the game, take a deep breath, and move onto another game. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a different kind of chaos from Chuck E. Cheese – namely jail and court. You can read more about the story at Moms Allegedly Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese Over an Arcade Game at a Birthday Party.

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