Missing Child Located in Volusia County Florida (Lupita Gonzalez)


In Volusia County, Florida, law enforcement officials were able to locate a missing 1 year old girl – Lupita Gonzalez. The vulnerable little girl was located under a bush in a field according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. She appeared to be fine but was sent to the hospital to get a medical examination due the fact that she was out in the elements for hours. Lupita’s mother and a man were arrested by law enforcement officials. The man faced charges of child abuse and kidnapping. Both the mother and the man will be entitled to representation by a Florida criminal defense attorney or the services of the Public Defender’s Office. Fortunately, the child was found in time in which no serious personal injuries resulted from the incident.

When supervising a young child, it is vital that supervision is consistent. It is well known that alcohol and drugs impair the senses. As such, all caregivers in charge of a child should avoid being under the impairment of drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, parties that involve loud music, alcohol, and crowds are not ideal placed for children.

See 1 Year Old Child Found in Volusia County, Florida.

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