Missing and Abducted Florida Children – Simple Florida Safety Measure: Photograph Your Child Anytime You Travel, Visit an Amusement Park, or any Other Crowded Event

I recently visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was filled with stressed out parents and excited children . . . It was also filed with hundreds of thousands of people . . . some good . . . some bad. In such crowded venues like Disney World, airports, shopping malls in Florida, there is a risk for a child to get lost, go missing, or get abducted. The best safety measure of all is to stay with your child at all times. In a matter of seconds, a child can wander off . . . Yes, these things happen. I thought it would be a good idea to take a photograph of your child before traveling, during traveling, and any time you go to a crowded venue or location. Why take a photograph? The reason is simple – the first thing that a law enforcement officer or security officer will ask you is – What was your child wearing? A simple photograph on your camera or mobile phone will be accurate and a very useful tool in searching for a missing or abducted child. I have my trusty i phone and will be following my own advice on this matter. The i phone and other advanced phones also have the ability to e mail the photo to any e mail address. As such, in a matter of seconds, a photograph of the at risk child can circulate to law enforcement, security, park officials, and mall officials.

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