Miramar, Florida – Mother (Tonuya Rainey) Pleads Guilty to Causing Daughter’s Abortion, Sentenced to House Arrest


Tonuya Rainey, of Miramar Florida is a mother to eight children. Reportedly, when her sixteen year old daughter became pregnant, Ms. Rainey did not want her to have the child, fearing that it would cause her daughter to miss out on a lot of things. Since she did not have the money to pay for an abortion for her daughter, Ms. Rainey gave the twenty four week pregnant woman pills to induce labor. Ms. Rainey’s daughter claims that the child was born alive, Ms. Rainey claims that the child was stillborn. They both admit that Ms. Rainey then discarded the body in the trash.

Ms. Rainey pleaded guilty to seven charges, including child abuse, termination of a pregnancy and practicing medicine without a license. Her attorney asked the judge for leniency, saying that Ms. Rainey took these actions out of a misguided attempt to provide her daughter with a better life. The Judge sentenced Ms. Rainey to two years of house arrest and five years of probation.

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