Miami Southridge High School Teacher Arrest on Allegations of Child Molestation


In Miami, Florida, a high school teacher (Frank Matthew Galatas – age 28) was arrested on allegations that he molested a 14 year old boy. According to a news story posted at the Miami Herald website, Galatas is being accused of molesting / performing oral sex on a 14 year old. Galatas has a profile posted online at Amazon. com where he describes himself as a religious man or “servant of god”.

The allegations against Mr. Galatas are most serious. If he did perform the acts alleged by the 14 year old, Mr. Galatas should serve prison time for these acts. Of course, Mr. Galatas will have the right to defend himself against the allegations. It is uncertain what evidence the State Attorney / Police have against Mr. Galatas other than the statements of the 14 year old.

The Roman Polanski case involved an adult (Roman Polanski) and a 13 year old girl. It is interesting that actors and other directors have lobbied or supported Polanski yet these same people probably would not hesitate to imprison Mr. Galatas if Galatas committed these crimes. Does fame or fortune excuse bad or criminal acts? Does the passage of time make a crime any less that the crime is? I do not think so. People who take advantage of children by molesting them should be punished and serve prison time. This applies to any person whether they are a teacher, director, or do any other job in job. A crime is a crime – plain and simple. You can read more about the Galatas story at Southridge High School Teacher Accused of Molesting Student.