Miami (Kendall) Day Care Center Worker Investigated for Alleged Sexual Assault on 4 Year Old Girl


In Florida, day care centers have a duty to provide a safe haven for children under their care. Unfortunately and tragically, some day care workers use their position of trust to commit horrendous and unspeakable acts of child and sexual abuse on children under their care. Many such acts go unreported without any intervention by law enforcement or the state of Florida. The Miami Herald recently reported that Edgar Cerezo was arrested for allegations involving sexual acts on a four year old girl in his wife’s day care center – The Clara Cerezo Child Care Center. If convicted, Mr. Cerezo faces a possible sentence of life in prison. Of course, Mr Cerezo will be entitled to legal representation by a Florida public defender, or Florida Criminal Defense Attorney and it will be the State’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You can read more about this story at Miami-Dade County Day Care Worker Accused of Attacking Four Year Old Girl.

Day care center abuse, assault, and neglect incidents continue to take place in Florida and other States. Responsible and caring child care workers should be supervising the children rather than those adults intent on preying and abusing children.

If you have a question about any injury or incident at a Florida Day Care Center, contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for legal advice regarding the rights of the injured child and his or her family.

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