Miami, Florida – Miami-Dade County Considering Ban on Texting for School Bus Drivers


The school board of Miami-Dade County will soon be discussing a proposed rule that would ban school bus drivers from texting while on the job. Under the new rule, drivers would still be allowed to carry cell phones, Blackberries, or other communication devices, but would be limited to using them in case of an emergency. If approved, the rule would affect any employee of the Miami-Dade school system while they are driving a district-owned vehicle. The measure also requires that a hands free device be used for any phone calls while driving.

Texting while driving is undoubtedly dangerous. Driver distraction caused by electronic devices is unfortunately a growing trend that can lead to automobile accidents, serious personal injuries and wrongful death. It is a shame that adults cannot simply use common sense and pay careful attention while operating a moving vehicle. As a child safety advocate, I support rules and legislation that will protect innocent lives on the highways. The price of wating a few minutes to send or read a text message is more than worth the cost of preventing potential injuries and lost lives.

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