Miami Driver With Terrible Driving Record Charged with DUI that Killed 3 Children


Gabriel Delrisco caused an accident that killed three children. Delrisco was arrested for DUI after he was released from a hospital. His blood alcohol level was .239 which is approximately three times the legal limit. Mr. Delrisco’s driving record was terrible. It has been reported that he had 26 previous driving citations and one prior DUI in 2001. A judge held Mr. Delrisco without bond until trial when the judge determined that Mr. Delrisco was a danger to the community. Mr. Delrisco rearended a vehicle occupied by the Serrano family that was stopped a red light. A candlelight ceremony was recently held in Homestead, Florida for the Serrano family. The family deserves the support of the community. It is certainly a tragedy that the Serrano family is mourning the death of three children who died as a result of the careless, reckless acts of a drunk driver. You can read more about this story at Miami, Florida Man Charged with DUI for the Deaths of Three Children.