Miami Dade County School Bus Drive At Fault for Personal Injuries Sustained by Middle School Student


Jackisha Baynard is still recovering from severe personal injuries she sustained after she tumbled out of a Miami-Dade school bus. The driver of the bus told investigators the students were being rowdy and throwing raisins on the bus. The driver also told investigators that instead of taking the children to their destination, he chose to return the children to school.

An investigation conducted by the Miami-Dade County (Florida) School Board indicated that the driver, Jean Michael, was at fault. Apparently, Michael drove off without realizing that Baynard was lying in the street as Michael moved away. The investigation revealed that when Baynard fell out, her head made contact with the roadway, knocking her unconscious. The report also revealed that if Michael would have checked all the mirrors while the bus was in motion, he would have seen the emergency exit door was open.

According to Baynard’s attorney, the law in Florida is that a bus must stop when an emergency door is open and the bus driver is required to maintain order on the bus.

Michael has been suspended and all other bus drivers were sent by the School Board to additional training. Michael is entitled to an attorney if charges are placed against him. If you would like to read more on this story please see Student falls from bus in Miami-Dade area, school bus driver at fault.