Medical Treatment in Florida for Accident Related Injuries After the Emergency Room


Emergency Rooms generally do a good job treating and evaluating trauma victims. The job of the Emergency Room staff is to the assess the patient and determine the level of treatment: 1. Surgery; 2. Hospital Admission; or 3. Discharge. If a patient needs immediate surgery, the patient is in the right place. This goes the same for the patient who needs to be admitted to the hospital. What about those patients who are discharged? Well, general recommendations are made with discharge instructions and possibly a referral. It is these patients who have the most problems with follow up care. Questions arise as follows:

1. Where should I go for follow up care for my accident related injuries?
2. What specialists should I see for my accident related injuries?
3. Who is going to pay for my treatment for my accident related injuries?
4. What kind of testing will I need for my accident related injuries?

The above issues are handled on a case by case basis. Most importantly, the patient should be diligent in seeking follow up treatment. It is important from a medical and legal stand point. Liability insurance companies often question patients / clients who delay follow up care or who have big time gaps in treatment and evaluation.

A Florida child personal injury lawyer can assist you with issues related to insurance, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and follow up treatment. Liability insurance companies are not concerned about your health and well being. Liability insurance companies are mainly concerned with saving money. As such, the typical accident victim should not see legal advice from the insurance company or any one other than a trained Florida personal injury attorney / lawyer. I provide my clients with a free consultation regarding personal injury mattes including but not limited to cases involving Florida automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, day care injuries, child care injuries, dog bites, and playground injuries.

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