Mascotte, Florida – Lifesaving Awards Presented to Duncan Freeman and Jason McKinney for Saving Sisters from Fire at Home


Mascotte brothers, Duncan Freeman, 10, and Jason McKinney, 12, were presented with lifesaving awards by police and fire officials after the boys ran back into their blazing house to save the lives of their two younger sisters. The awards were signed by Police Chief Steve Allen and Fire Chief Randy Brasher. Brasher said he has never seen such heroism from kids this age in his 23 years as a firefighter. The children were at home with their grandmother, 62, when an electrical fire set the house aflame; the parents were at a grocery store.

Duncan, who will be in fifth grade, rushed through the flames and black smoke to retrieve his sister Lydia Freeman, 5. He carried Lydia out “like a football” so she would not inhale the suffocating smoke. Mandy Freeman, 29, the parents mother was unaware of her boys’ heroism until an officer called to tell her about the incident. The family lost their house and everything inside, but not one family member died except for the family’s pet guinea pig, Mia.

Electrical fires are fires that are caused by potentially energized electrical equipment and are generally caused by short-circuited machinery or overloaded electrical cables. A basic effective and cheap safety method to avoid these types of fires is to unplug any electrical device when that device is not in use. Also, do not overload power outlets or extension cords. To read more about these young boys’ heroism see Brothers rush into home to save younger sisters from house fire.