Syntyche Jacques (7 Year Old) and Other Family Members Injured in Serious Automobile Accident in Martin County, Florida


An automobile accident resulting in serious and life threatening personal injuries recently took place in Martin County, Florida according to a report in the Treasure Coast Palm Beach Newspaper / Website at Hit and Run Driver Claims that He Fell Asleep at the Wheel in Martin County, Florida.

The accident involved serious injuries to the Jacques family which included the Jacques children: Carlos Jacques, Moise Jacques, Ricky Jacques, Luke Jacques, and Syntyche Jacques who were taken emergently to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The at fault driver, Jaime Jaramillo, fled the scene. He later reported that he fell asleep while driving. Mr. Jaramillo was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. He was tracked down by a helicopter patrol and a K-9 unit.

The accident happened at 4:30 a.m. This story shows the importance of safe driving no matter the time of day, night or morning. Mr. Jaramillo should have stayed off the road if he was tired or pulled over to get some rest. His negligence will have a lifetime effect on the Jacques family and others injured in this automobile accident.