Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sets Up Task Force to Investigate Assaults by Former Boy Scout Leader George Fout


Teachers, coaches, and boy scout and girl scout leaders often times serve as leaders in the community and also as role models for children. Many people who work in or volunteer in these positions are dedicated to health, safety, and welfare of children. On the other hand, there are others in these positions of trust and respect who prey upon children even though they are trained to protect and educate children under their care and / or in their presence. Child predators come in all different sizes and shapes. Arguably, the worst offenders are those who falsely portray themselves as responsible adults who care about children.

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In Marion County, Florida, the Sheriff’s Office has set up a task force to investigate allegations against George Fout – a former boy scout leader. Fout reportedly admitted to some of the crimes and the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the reported incidents and will determine if there are additional victims of this alleged predator. See Task Force Set Up by Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

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