Marion County Florida School Bus Crash Results in 10 Children Being Evaluated and Treated at Hospital


In Marion County and other parts of Florida, children and parents rely on the school bus transportation system to get to and from school. It was recently reported that 10 children were transported to a local hospital after a 2008 Ford Mustang ran a stop sign and crashed into the school bus. The children were heading to Dunnellon Elementary School. The ten children transported to the hospital complained of neck and back pain. Two words come to mind when I read accidents of this nature: Red and Yellow.

Red. Stop signs are prominently displayed at intersections. They have a bold red color and contain the word “Stop”. Yes, this is a very basic concept to write about. It is also a basic traffic regulation and posting that should be easily seen and followed. It is amazing that people still run stop signs despite their obvious placement.

Yellow. School buses are typically a bright or bold yellow in color. School buses are also quite large in size compared to other vehicles. Like a stop sign, the presence of a school bus is obvious and noticeable to any person paying a attention.

Accidents like the one reported in Marion Oaks, Florida are yet another reminder to all drivers to obey traffic signs and regulations especially when children are present. It is unfortunate that this accident took place when it could have been easily avoided. See Bus Crash in Marion County Sends 10 Children to Hospital.

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