Manatee County, Florida – Father (Ray Berk) Files Suit After Autistic Daughter (Angela Berk) Bitten by Police Dog


A German Shepherd K-9 unit escaped from Sarasota, Florida Police Officer Sean Gleason and attacked 12-year-old Angela Berk as she rode down the street on an electric scooter. The girl required 14 stitches in her right leg. She was unable to take pain medication because of the interaction with her medication for utism. The dog was allowed to continue working as a K-9 unit until he was retired for old age some time later.

The city offered the family a $15,000 settlement, but the child’s father, Ray Berk, declined the offer and filed a lawsuit asking for more money. Her lawyers noted that her developmental disability makes it more difficult for her to get past the trauma of the event.

Police officers acting as K-9 unit handlers have a responsibility to keep their dogs restrained and under control at all times. The officer was apparently negligent in his duty having left the door of his car open while the dog was unrestrained in the back seat.

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