Man Killed While Sitting on Railroad Tracks in Tampa, Florida


Any accident / incident involving a train can result in serious injuries or death. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office recently reported that a 46 year old man (Antonio Francisco) was killed as he was sitting on railroad tracks in Tampa, Florida. A relative reported that Mr. Francisco may have purchased alcohol earlier in the evening and may have been sitting on the tracks while drinking. Railroad tracks are not a good place to drink, eat, or sit for any adult or child for that matter. Since trains sporadically run over many railroad tracks, many pedestrians do not appreciate the dangers of the trains. Even if the train is on a rigid schedule, many pedestrians still do not appreciate or realize the dangers of trains. A full investigation by the Federal Railroad Administration will be conducted to determine the cause of the railroad / train related death and if any actions on the part of the railroad could have been taken to avoid the tragic and untimely death of Antonio Francisco. See Tampa Man Killed While Sitting on Railroad Tracks.