Man Arrested After Belting Defiant Child in Jacksonville Florida


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities, there are defiant children. While it can be quite difficult and trying for parents, restraint and good judgment must be used when dealing with defiant children. Of course, a parent or adult can use or resort to self defense when dealing with a child who is attacking you; however, force should not be used in anger or to “teach a child a lesson”. Derrick Richards faced a defiant child recently when he was asked for ice cream money from a child. Mr. Richards told the boy that he was not going to give the boy ice cream money. The boy got upset and started tugging on Mr. Richards’ pockets. Then the child kicked Mr. Richards and even threw a rock at Mr. Richards that hit Mr. Richards in the back of the head. Mr. Richards threatened to “whoop the butt” of the defiant child and Mr. Richards carried through on such a threat by pulling off his belt and hitting the boy several times. While I agree that the child was quite defiant and assaulted Mr. Richards with a rock, it appears that Mr. Richards committed a crime by belting the child. Mr. Richards argued to police that Mr. Richards had to defend himself. There were no marks left on the child’s body. There were two witnesses to the incident. Based on these facts, Mr. Richards was arrested. While it does appear that the child started the problems, Mr. Richards should have shown greater restraint by keeping his belt on him. Mr. Richards may have been able to just simply walk away. He could have called the police for assistance. Of course, Mr. Richards will be entitled to the services of a criminal defense attorney and / or the public defender. While the actions of the child should not ignored, neither should the bad acts of Mr. Richards.

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