Magician Agrees to Criminal Plea Agreement in Lake County, Florida


Howard Scott Kalin of Baltimore County, Maryland was arrested on charges of seeking sex from a minor. Kalin, an attorney and balloon magician was arrested outside of Orlando in Lake County Florida for attempting to solicit sex from a 14 year old child via the internet. According the the Lake County Sheriff’s cybercrime division, the 47 year old man was attempting to make contact with a 14 year old male, but instead was in contact with a member of the sheriffs department posing as a minor. Kalin signed a plea agreement and could face up to 10 years in prison.

Children who have access to computers should be educated by their parents regarding cyber-saftey. Parents should monitor and be aware of how and when their children use the internet. Cybercrimes against children are on the rise. For more information on Magician Agrees to Criminal Plea Agreement in Lake County, Florida.

Unfortunately and tragically, not all child molesters and abusers are caught in an attempt to solicit or have sex with a child. The Internet is just another venue that child molesters and abusers are using to attempt to lure children into danger and abuse.

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