Louisiana’s New Offender Watch Program Nabs Wanted Florida Sex Offender


The State of Louisiana has started a new program, called Offender Watch, to crack down on sex offenders who fail to register or fail to update their addresses as required. Under Louisiana law, convicted child abusers who are on probation and other sex offenders who have been released from prison are required to register their addresses with the local sheriff’s office. Their whereabouts is made public. The program was formerly coordinated by 65 different Louisiana agencies; the new program is coordinated by just three: the Louisiana State Police, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Department of Corrections and sheriffs’ offices. Through it, the State of Lousiana has been able to add the names of about 2,500 missing sex offenders.

The new program has recently benefitted the State of Florida. When Angel Zelaya was stopped by Kenner, Louisiana police for a moving violation, they were able to determine that Zelaya had been living in Louisiana for two years without registering his new address and that he was wanted in the State of Florida for failing to maintain his sex offender registration. He is currently awaiting prosecution in both states.

Sex offenders in all states should be aware that the law is catching up with them, and take the time to make sure they are in compliance with their registration requirements. Otherwise they may face prosecution.

Find out more about the registration of sex offenders in Louisiana and Florida http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2009/11/post_79.html.