Liquor Stores May Be Linked to Incidents of Child Injuries


A study reported by the United Press International (UPI) states that the number of neighborhood liquor stores may be an indicator of the frequency of child injuries in the neighborhood. Bridget Freishler, an UCLA Assistant Professor of Social Welfare, conducted the research. The theory is that neighborhood liquor stores may contribute to more frequent drinking in the area of the liquor store, which in turn, may lead to negligent supervision of children at home.

Alcohol and good parenting are things that do not mix well together. Young children are dependent on their parents for supervision and guidance. If the parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the level and quality of supervision and judgment for that matter diminish greatly.

The study by Professor Freishler was a good vehicle to show parents, caregivers, and health care providers of the dangers and relationship between the availability of alcohol and its relationship to child injuries.

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