Levy County and Other Florida Counties Are Still in the Dark Ages of Discipline and Corporal Punishment


In Florida, some Florida counties still permit corporal punishment in the school system as a form of discipline and punishment. It is interesting that a parent who paddles a child at home could get arrested yet a school system (the government) may be able to institute this barbaric and truly outdated form of punishment and get away with it. There was a recent story published in the Gainesville Sun newspaper and website about a 5 Year old boy who was paddled in Levy County, Florida. Unfortunately, paddling is still permitted by law in 27 Florida counties.

The reason that the 5 year old was paddled according to the story posted at the Gainesville Sun website was that the boy was rough housing or misbehaving with a friend. Florida schools are in place to teach and mentor our children. It is really disturbing that corporal punishment / paddling is still allowed in so many Florida school districts. The permissive use of corporal punishment puts Florida and its school system in a bad light and shows the need for reform. Florida schools should move away from archaic and ineffective forms of punishment and abuse of children. See Woman Protests Paddling of Her 5 Year Old Son in Levy County.

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