Lehigh Acres 8 Year Old Boy (Brandon Castillo) Dies One Day After Tragic Pedestrian / Automobile Accident Near School Bus Stop


Lehigh Acres, Florida 8 year old (Brandon Castillo) dies one day after a tragic pedestrian / automobile accident in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Brandon was at or near a school bus stop area when he was hit by a van driven by Doris Toombs. A story reported in the News-Press Website reported that Brandon ran into the street from the school bus stop area. It was not reported in this article why Brandon ran into the street, how far he had run into the street, or the speed of the vehicle. The speed limit on the stretch of roadway in the area was 35 miles per hour. People familiar with the roadway stated that there is a problem with visibility / glare in the morning hours. Brandon died of automobile accident related injuries at Tampa General Hospital. When accidents of this nature take place, it is vital that parents, drivers, schools, and government officials consider current school bus safety issues and additional ways in which to provide safety for the children in and around these areas. I have handled cases involving children who have been injured at or near a school bus area in the past. Many issues or questions arise from these type of cases. In particular, the following should be evaluated:

*What was the speed limit in the area?
*What speed limit signs were posted?
*What school bus signs (if any) were posted?
*What supervision was in place at the school bus stop area?
*How did students get to the school bus stop area?
*Was adequate space provided to the students to wait for the school bus?
*Was there a better or safer area to place the school bus stop?
*Has there been other incidents or accidents in or around the area?