Legal and Practical Advice for Parents and Caregivers – Keep Children Out of Hot Cars


Florida has great weather year round. At times, mostly during the summer, it can become unbearably hot in Florida. This is especially true in parked cars that are not under any shade. Parents and caregivers should take the effort to remove children from hot cars – every time. Do not take any chances. A child can suffer serious personal injuries and even death by being left in a hot car for only a few minutes. Take the time and effort to remove children from a hot car even it if takes you a few more minutes of your time and even it is inconvenient at the moment. A child’s health and safety are far too important to sacrifice for convenience. The interior of a car can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees in Florida and elsewhere. In the time period between 1997 to 2008, 365 children died from heat stroke / heat exposure after being left in a hot vehicle. These deaths and tragedies could have been avoided with proper care, due diligence, and common sense. You can read more about the dangers of leaving children in a hot car at Keeping Children Out of Hot Cars.

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