Leesburg Florida Teacher Accused of Molesting 15 Year Old Student at First Academy Christian School


Often times, parents select a private school for a child because the parent wants a small school for the child. In addition, the parent has more peace of mind that the child is being cared for, taught, and supervised in an environment that promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the child. Many such private schools also have a religious component that parents want to be a part of the child’s daily routine and spirit. The expectations for a parent, who has a child enrolled in private school, should be high in that an education is being paid for that would otherwise be “free” in the public school setting.

In Leesburg, Florida, a story was recently reported regarding an alleged relationship between a 40 year old teacher and a 15 year old student. The relationship came to the attention of the administration of the school when a videotape of the school’s church showed the teacher and child embraced in a kiss. It appears that the teacher – Thomas Frisbie – was teaching or promoting more than music at the school. It was reported that the relationship lasted 2 months. Referring to this matter as a “relationship” is not really a good choice of words. The teacher, age 40, and the student, age 15, were at the school as a teacher and as a child. The teacher and child did not have equal standing or authority at the school. Teenagers can be very impressionable and an adult in an authority position, especially one at a private religious school, should not abuse his position to act upon any impulses he may have.

It was reported that the Administrator – Gregory Frescoln – immediately took action after learning of the incident and relationship and thereafter contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Incidents like these will have quite an effect on the community. It is expected that the video and any admissions by the teacher and student will be powerful evidence against the teacher.

Of course, the teacher will be entitled to defend himself against any potential criminal charges through the services of a Florida criminal defense attorney or the services of a Florida public defender. You can read more about this story at Christian School Teacher Accused of Molesting Student.