Lee County (Florida) School District Distributes Waiver Form that Upsets Parents


In Lee County, Florida, a field trip waiver form caught some parents by surprise. The waiver of liability form also angered some parents. The form contained the following language:

By signing the waiver, parents agree to give up your child’s right and your right to recover from (school name), its agents and employees in a lawsuit for any personal injury, including death, to your child.

The enforceability of such waiver could be challenged if a child was injured as a result of the negligence of a school or school employee. Just because a waiver form is signed does not mean that it is valid, legal, or enforceable. There are strong public policy arguments that could be made against the enforceability of such a waiver. School employees and schools should not be given free reign to act negligently without any consequence or avenue of legal recourse by the parent and child.

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