Leaving Your Baby in Your Car at Wal Mart Can Get Your Arrested – Woman (Kasandra Beekman) Arrested in North Port, Florida


In North Port, Florida, a woman (Kasandra Beekman), age 24, was recently arrested for leaving her baby in a vehicle that was turned off with the windows rolled up. Furthermore, he was left unsupervised while his mother went shopping at Wal Mart. The child was only 8 months old. Ms. Beekman should have known that it is very dangerous and careless to leave a child unattended in a vehicle. A child can suffer serious personal injuries and even death when left unattended in a vehicle. It does not appear that the child suffered serious personal injuries; however, it is still a crime to leave your child in a vehicle unattended in this manner. Fortunately, the child was safely removed from the car without having suffered these tragic injuries.

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