Leave a Child Alone in a Car Can Lead to Serious Personal Injuries, Death, and Prison Time in Florida


In Florida, children are at risk for hyperthermia type of injuries year round due to the warm weather throughout the State. There have been a number of reported incidents of personal injuries, death, and prison time resulting from hyperthermia incidents in Florida. Michael J. Mooney wrote an excellent article posted in the Broward – Palm Beach – New Times Blog titled For Parents Who Leave Children to Die in Hot Cars in Florida – Punishments Vary Widely. Prison time and punishment varied across the State of the Florida for these type of incidents. For instance, Miami Dade County reportedly prosecuted every case while counties like Sarasota County did not. Each case and incident should be evaluated on its own facts.

Parents, babysitters, and other child care providers should read this articles and others to learn about the terrible dangers and tragic deaths that have resulted from leaving a child in a hot car in the State of Florida. The safety and welfare of a child should always take precedence over convenience and other pursuits. See also Death Results from Leaving Children in Cars in Florida. and Don’t Leave Children in Vehicles to Go Grocery Shopping – It Is Dangerous to Children and Can Get You Arrested.